Law School Myths Debunked: I need a Perfect GPA

2018-12-11 13:01:00


As discussed in our previous blog, Its so expensive, Ill never afford it!, welcome back to our 10-part blog series where we debunk the most popular myths about applying to Law School. In this blog we cover myth #3, I need a perfect GPA.

At Canada Law From Abroad, we partner with 12 British universitiesto accommodate nearly any GPA. Of course, having a good GPA is always helpful in getting you into the most schools as possible. But fear not, it definitely isnt required. UK law school admissions review candidates in their entirety meaning your GPA is just one aspect of your application. University representatives individually read personal statements, evaluate work history and experience and take a more holistic look of students beyond GPA.

My advisor assisted me with every step in the process from securing an academic reference to preparing my personal statement.

Felicity S. University of Southampton Student and CLFA Alumnus

Canada Law From Abroad

University admissions

Every programme at each university has their own admissions criteria with a recommended GPA. Our advisors help match you to universities and programmes across the UK, helping you to get into as many schools as possible. Our servicesallow you to apply to up to five universities using one application. Therefore, this helps you have academic reach and safety school options to ensure you get in ideally at least one school.

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If you do have a lower GPA, chat with one of our advisors today, since we maintain strong relationships with our partner universities, creating an avenue of communication for the benefit of getting you an admission offer. Tune in next time, or subscribe to our blog, when we debunk myth #4, I should attend the most prestigious university possible.

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