Law School Myths Debunked: I Should Attend the Most Prestigious University Possible

2018-12-18 19:44:04

As discussed in our previous blog, I need a Perfect GPA, welcome back to our 10-part blog series where we debunk the most popular myths about applying to Law School. In this blog we cover myth #4, I should attend the most prestigious university possible.

There are a few different ways you can decide which universities you apply to and ultimately attend. At Canada Law From Abroad, we partner with 12 British universitiesacross the UK to help get you the most diverse options possible. Whether you want to study in the bustling city of London or you prefer a more serene setting, we have you covered.

Canada Law From Abroad

The campus is beautiful, and the staff and academic community is and have been always very welcoming and supportive. I have met some great people, and have had the opportunity to take part in various talks. events and organisations which I have found invaluable to my experience as a law student.

Tyler N. University of Birmingham Student and CLFA Alumnus

The Best Fit

We generally advise you should go to the university that best fits you regardless of how prestigious a school is known by.Evaluate all aspects of the university such as campus type, location, student involvement opportunities, and of course, prestigious reputation, if that is indeed important to you. If the university and you arent a good match, you will be unhappy regardless of the prestige so find ones that fit your personality, academic needs and strengths. And if you want to pick your universities based on student satisfaction, work opportunities or research prestige, our advisors are here to help guide you to ones best for you.

There is not a one size fits all university, it’s personal and your search and selection of the universities you apply to should be personal as well. Stuck on where to start?

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Canada Law From Abroad

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