Why Study Law in the UK?

Originally posted on 2016-09-06
Edits made on 2021-05-11

Why should you, as a Canadian, study law in the UK? We’ll give you three reasons!

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1. You do NOT need to write the dreaded LSAT

There are different entry requirements for law school in Canada and in the UK. In Canada applicants are required to write the Law School Admission Test, which is also commonly referred to as the LSAT. Generally, the LSAT requires intense study and preparation including attending LSAT preparation courses which can cost around $1000. Add on the costs of the test ($175), the Credential Assembly Service fee ($100), and study materials, the LSAT is not only a financial burden but it can be psychologically straining, as it can take months to prepare for the test. If the applicant is in their final year of their undergraduate studies, the LSAT may not be a feasible option as thxe majority of time is already being devoted to final year studies.

In the UK, however, there is no need to write the LSAT. The application process to law school in the UK is straightforward: you need to submit your academic transcripts from high school and university, an academic reference letter, and a personal statement. The application fee for the University College Application Service (UCAS) in 2020-2021 was only £26 for applications to five laws schools.

2. Save your time and money

At first glance, tuition for law school in the UK may appear high compared to Canadian tuition. But it is important to remember that a UK law degree is normally shorter than a Canadian law degree. This means that not only do students spend less time getting their degree, but can save on tuition fees and living expenses. Overseas students pursuing an LLB in the UK can expect to pay between £15,000 to £21,000 per year. The price range is broad and dependent on each university.

In Canada, law school is a minimum of three years. At the University of Toronto, the tuition for the JD programme for the 2021-22 academic year is $34,633.51. This means that the JD would cost students around $104,000. By comparison, in the UK if a student opts to take the 2 year accelerated LLB programme the entire tuition for two years would be around $55,000 for the degree (£16,000 per year x 2 years = £32,000 which is the equivalent of $54,746.49).* For a 3 year programme, it would be $82,117.87, which is still more affordable than a JD in Canada. Add on the time and cost of four years of undergraduate studies required before being admitted to law school in Canada, studying law in the UK can be the fastest and most cost efficient route to becoming a lawyer.

*OANDA Currency Converter utilized for conversion on May 11, 2021.

3. Gain international experience

The UK attracts top students from around the world because studying law in the UK is a wonderful opportunity to gain international experience. Not only is it the motherland of Common Law, but it is just a short train ride away to the continent where civil law reigns supreme. Moreover, future employers find individuals with experience studying and working in a different country than the one they originated from attractive, as it demonstrates initiative and a willingness to adapt to changing situations.

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