Welcome School Counsellors!

CLFA is a fantastic resource to help your students successfully research, apply and attend a prestigious UK Law school. We bridge the gap between British and Canadian education acting as a supplemental resource to the great work you already do with your students.

Who we are and how we help

Since 2006, CLFA have provided a free advisory service on how to study Law in the UK. Our team of highly trained student advisors know what it takes to gain admission to top prestigious British universities and have first-hand knowledge from their own time studying in the UK. Trained on multiple university application systems and combined with in-depth student support expertise, our advisors work in concert with you, the student, and British universities to maximize the student’s opportunity to attend a fantastic Law school abroad.

We meet students in all phases of the application process. We assist students just beginning their journey into studying Law as well as students who have already applied and seeking additional help in preparing to live in the UK.

Our main areas of focus are:

  • Personal contacts at 12 top law schools in the UK
  • Application assistance
  • Personal statement editing
  • Visa and pre-departure support
  • 1 on 1 support and assistance with a highly trained advisor
  • And as a reminder, all student advising services are FREE!

How the process works

Applying to UK Law schools requires planning, organization and time management to ensure a successful application. At CLFA, we help students in every step of the process. We use a centralized application system called UCAS which provides an easy to use, streamlined method to apply to British universities. Students can apply with high school grades directly into qualifying law degree programs as well as fast tracked options for students passionate about a career in law.

How we work with School Guidance Counsellors

Our goal is to work with you and your students congruently to best meet new, diverse and challenging student needs of today’s generation. Our services are meant to be in supplement to your daily work and guidance and are often coordinated with you to best help students stay on track finishing school while simultaneously applying to university. We often organize school visits to meet new and current students and to support our relationship with you, their counsellor.

Through our work, we strive to make students successful in their applications to Law schools, ensure the application process and transition to the UK is as smooth as possible and provide expert and personalized advice for students, their families and counsellors, all to help students achieve their dream of studying Law in the UK.

Need more information or want to work with us?

Fantastic! We are always looking to develop and expand relationships with school guidance counsellors throughout all of Canada. We offer a multitude of ways to get information from us or work with us either in-person or online.

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