Networking at Southampton Law School’s Fall Career Fair

Southampton Law School prides itself on making the most of its excellent connections with industry with a series of employability events for their students. This November, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Law School students joined local, national and international law firms for another very successful careers fair.

Students focused on their dream careers and spoke with representatives from around 50 prestigious companies, including global, regional and niche law firms, postgraduate training providers, the Government Legal Services, the Bar Council and the Inns of Court, all of whom are looking to recruit the brightest legal minds in the country.

Students prepared for the event with the support of the Law Schools dedicated Careers Coordinator, Jan Steele and Shauna van Den Bos from the University’s Careers and Employability Service. Kyle George, 2nd year LLB student said: “The LLB programme has very much prepared us for our careers. They had events like this last year as well and they have links with firms to help us build connections for the future”

Luke Rose, 1st Year LLB, said: “I didn’t really pick law with a single firm in mind, so the fair is a great opportunity to get an idea of where I might want to go. I chose to enrol at Southampton because it’s Russell Group university with a great reputation. It also has great facilities and is in a good location.”

Johnny Orchard from the international law firm, RPC said: “Southampton University students are always very well prepared. This is my second year attending the fair and I’m always very impressed with the students I meet here. One piece of advice I would give to current students is to try to get your personality across in your application and just be persistent with your applications. The process can be difficult sometimes.”

To find out more about the Southampton Law School, check out their webpage.

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