Advisor End of Month Report

Example: A SAL from your leads tracker may not show on your CRM SAL if some applications have been submitted but the application was sent back to supporters (marked as "App Ready" at Lead Stage) for additional applications to be inputted.

Advisor End of Month Report


Please complete the below form by EOD (EST) on the 2nd of each month. 

University Contact Form

1. Main Contact

First port of call for advisors for all questions related to student advising - student eligibility, entry requirements, unique student situations, course descriptions, etc.

2. Back-Up Contact (if relevant)

This is the person we can contact if our Main Contact is unavailable

3. Admissions Queries Contact 

For questions about application status, admissions decision queries, IF different from the Main Contact provided above.

4. Application Alerts Contact 

Whom do we contact about submitted applications for tagging/commission purposes?

5. Documents Contact

To whom can we send documents if they are not uploaded to the application/UCAS?

6. Authority Forms 

To whom do we send agent representation forms for students who applied on their own and are seeking help?

7. Visa Contact

8. Any additional contacts you'd like to share? 

Only specify additional contacts in which it's more effiicent for us to email this individual office directly as opposed to through our Main Contact. Would our Main Contact simply forward our email along rather than answer it themselves? We ask for additional contacts to avoid delay or unnecessarily filling up the wrong inbox.

In the Comments box, please explain why this contact is useful and/or in what circumstance we should contact this person.

University Contact Form


Thank you for completing this form! The purpose of this form is to ensure we email the right people with the right questions. We don’t want to fill inboxes unnecessarily, and we want to ensure we are all helping our students in a timely manner. 

For each question in bold below, we provide a definition of what we are asking underneath. However, if there are additional contacts you want to specify that don't fall under any of the below categories, you will have that opportunity to add them under question 8. 

Thank you partner referral

Thanks for submitting an enquiry with Canada Law From Abroad!

We’re delighted to speak with you and we look forward to connecting with you further. We will be in touch within two business days to follow up and help you with the law school application process.


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Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 

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Start your studies in January

Glad to hear you're interested in starting your degree in January or February 2021! This means if you don't have a passport or if it's likely to expire soon, you'll want to apply/renew that ASAP. 

In terms of a timeline, we should aim to submit your application by the end of November, if possible. You will likely spend the holiday season sorting out your funding, housing, and student visa application. Don't worry - we'll walk you through everything.

Thank you!

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