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Study at the University of Worcester

The University of Worcester is a hidden gem of UK academia. It ranks 1st in the UK and 26th globally for Quality Education, according to the globally-respected Times Higher Education.

Read more general info on Worcester below but to get more details on whether Worcester is a good fit for you, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and one of our advisors will be in touch to help you decide if Worcester is your next dream school!

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Thanks for submitting an enquiry with Canada Law from Abroad! 

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Student webinars

Student Webinars


As a partner university, you have the opportunity to engage directly with Canadian students through a series of  free  60-minute  webinars  on the WebinarJam platform.  

CLFA Web Meetings

CLFA Web Meetings

CLFA Web Meetings 

The CLFA team of advisors are eager to meet with our university representatives in an online forum to learn more about what our partner institutions offer students and how to keep our working relationship strong and productive.

Heather Riddoch

Heather Riddoch

Heather is currently based out of Forest, Ontario. She earned her Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences at University of Ottawa and her Master of Arts in the History of Medicine at Oxford Brookes University. 

Advisor End of Month Report

Example: A SAL from your leads tracker may not show on your CRM SAL if some applications have been submitted but the application was sent back to supporters (marked as "App Ready" at Lead Stage) for additional applications to be inputted.

Advisor End of Month Report


Please complete the below form by EOD (EST) on the 2nd of each month. 

University Contact Form

1. Main Contact

First port of call for advisors for all questions related to student advising - student eligibility, entry requirements, unique student situations, course descriptions, etc.

2. Back-Up Contact (if relevant)

This is the person we can contact if our Main Contact is unavailable

3. Admissions Queries Contact 

For questions about application status, admissions decision queries, IF different from the Main Contact provided above.

4. Application Alerts Contact 

Whom do we contact about submitted applications for tagging/commission purposes?

5. Documents Contact

To whom can we send documents if they are not uploaded to the application/UCAS?

6. Authority Forms 

To whom do we send agent representation forms for students who applied on their own and are seeking help?

7. Visa Contact

8. Any additional contacts you'd like to share? 

Only specify additional contacts in which it's more effiicent for us to email this individual office directly as opposed to through our Main Contact. Would our Main Contact simply forward our email along rather than answer it themselves? We ask for additional contacts to avoid delay or unnecessarily filling up the wrong inbox.

In the Comments box, please explain why this contact is useful and/or in what circumstance we should contact this person.