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For over 85 years Birmingham Law School has made a major contribution to teaching and scholarship. Birmingham's academics are leaders in the fields and the authors of many key works used by practitioners today.

The 2014 Research Exercise Framework (REF) confirmed Birmingham's place as one of the top law schools in the UK, with 72% of their research classed as ‘World Leading’ or ‘Internationally Excellent’.

Based in the City of Birmingham, the University benefits from having an outstanding campus in the UK's second city. Birmingham Law School is housed in its own attractive building, part of the original redbrick of the University, in the heart of a spacious, leafy campus. The school's wide range of legal programmes, depth and flexibility in module choice and extra-curricular support for students ensure the offer of an outstanding educational experience.

Birmingham is a truly global university producing world-leading research. The University benefits from mutual partnerships with a wide range of international institutions and host a large international community of researchers and students. The University's law students come from all around the world and there is a vibrant mix of people, nationalities and cultures within the Law School which greatly enriches the learning and teaching environment. The University of Birmingham is one of the most popular British universities for Canadian students choosing to study law overseas. There are currently over 80 Canadian students studying in the Law School. There is also a Canadian Students Law society and the School offers a module in Canadian Constitutional Law in the LLB programmes.

The Law School also offers extensive extra-curricular opportunities including; Pro Bono, Mooting, Debating, and even the UK's oldest student run Law Society, the Holdsworth Club.

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Birmingham offers a range of LLB and LLM degrees. If you are interested in the 3 year LLB Degree you can enter directly from high school and you will undergo two years of core law and one year of electives. If you have completed an undergraduate degree, you can apply for the two year accelerated LLB degree, which consists of two years of core law. The specialized LLM is a twelve-month course and allows you to specialize in a field of law.

Entry Requirements

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Law degrees at the University of Birmingham

LLB Law for Graduates

The LLB for Graduates is designed for students with an undergraduate degree in a non-law subject who are looking to pursue a future legal career as it provides an opportunity to gain a qualifying law degree in two years.

Alongside the seven foundation subjects of law you will be able to study up to three optional specialist modules. Teaching on the course is delivered through a mixture of lectures and tutorials with 10 students in each tutorial group, allowing you to receive personalised attention from academic staff. You share lectures with the students on the other LLB programmes but your core tutorial groups are exclusively for students on the LLB for Graduates course.



Study Law at the University of Birmingham with Canada Law from Abroad

Check out this video to learn all about studying Law at the University of Birmingham! As one of the top research universities in the UK and an elite Russell Group member, the law school at Birmingham engages with all aspects of the law. There are over 50 Canadian students currently studying at Birmingham, which offers a module in Canadian Constitutional Law, and is a great fit for Canadian students looking to go abroad.

  • Birmingham is one of the top research universities in the UK, that engages with all aspects of the law.
  • Many option modules for students to choose from in their final year.
  • At Birmingham, they work at helping students find graduate jobs, and were the University of the Year for graduate employability in 2016
  • The university offers a module in Canadian Constitutional Law, and over 50 Canadian students are currently studying there, the majority of whom are in the LLB Senior Status Program
  • It is an elite Russell Group School with an internationally renowned law school that has a global centre for innovative developments in court and administrative justice.


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