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The University of Essex celebrated 50 years of excellence in education and research in 2014. Founded to be daring and different, the University continues to challenge convention and conduct pioneering research. Placed in the top 20 UK universities for research quality, Essex is an international community for original thinkers. The University boasts of leading research expertise across commercial law, public law and human rights law.

Research informs the University's teaching, providing a transformational living and learning experience which equips students with the skills, knowledge and curiosity to build successful careers. With more than 12,000 students from 130 countries, Essex graduates develop a genuine world view.

Essex is a campus-based university located within an hour from Central London, offering guaranteed on-campus accommodation and excellent study and leisure facilities.

Essex Law School is ‘freer, more daring and more experimental’ than a traditional law school. Your legal education has to be relevant and responsive to the needs of a changing society, so the School's approach is global in outlook, based on justice, and engaged with real-world problems. Essex Law School is also home to the largest double-degree programme in the UK, with students qualifying to practise in both France and England and Wales.

The Human Rights Centre at Essex is one of the oldest academic human rights centres in the world and enjoys a global reputation as a leader in the field of human rights research, practice, and education. Essex established the first graduate course in international human rights law in the UK in 1983. The Human Rights Centre was awarded the Queen's Anniversary Prize in 2010 in recognition of the University's work in advancing global human rights. Students are able to gain practical experience with the Essex Law Clinic and Human Rights Clinic. Students are also able to take part in work placement, internship and study abroad opportunities during the course.

Law degrees at the University of Essex


The three-year LLB Law provides you with a rigorous academictraining in the discipline of law. You will develop a critical awareness of the nature of law within its social, political and economic contexts, and you will be encouraged to develop an approach to the discipline so that you can see each subject area as part of an integrated whole.

Emphasis is put on an awareness of the place of the law of England and Wales in its European and international frameworks. This allows you to develop critical, analytical, research, problem-solving, and transferable skills. You also acquire the ability to construct a logical argument and to communicate that argument clearly, both orally and in writing, as well as to consider, evaluate and respond to alternative and, possibly, conflicting points of view.


" My time in the UK is definitely a highlight of my life so far, both personally and professionally. Not only do I have two world-class degrees to take home with me, but I have made life-long friends who come from all over the world. "

Vivian M. - 2014

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