Above and beyond

View of Southampton at night, showing the water and a bridge

In 2015, I contacted CLFA expressing an interest in studying law in the UK. My advisor went above and beyond to facilitate my application. He assisted me with every step in the process from securing an academic reference to preparing my personal statement. Shortly after, I accepted my offer of admission from the University of Southampton, a Russell Group university ranked in the top 1% worldwide. 

Studying law in the UK was the best decision I have ever made - I had the opportunity to travel to 13 countries while completing my law degree in 2 years and shadowing lawyers/judges at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. In 2017, I completed my Accelerated LLB Law degree and returned to Canada. I successfully completed 7 NCA exams and obtained my Certificate of Qualification. 

Now in 2018, I am a current Law Society of Ontario licensing candidate preparing to write the bar exams. I am planning to pursue a career in criminal defence and family law. My dream of becoming a lawyer would not have been possible without my advisor's support and guidance. 

I highly recommend Canada Law From Abroad to any students considering pursuing a law degree.

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