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The courses were really interesting

I found out about the University of Dundee through the University League Tables since they are consistently ranked in the top 10 for law each year. I decided to come here because I liked that the class sizes were a lot smaller than other universities for law which I find is a better learning environment for myself. I also liked the different courses on offer, such as the Telders module which allows you to compete in an international mooting competition.

How would you describe your time studying here?

I really enjoyed it. I met a lot of different people and got to experience the UK way of life which!

What were the best things about your course?

The best things about my course were probably the related extracurriculars such as mooting and the advocacy skills that I learnt. The courses were really interesting as well and I really got to know my professors.

What are the best things about the University of Dundee?

The best thing I would say is the size, its great since you don't feel like a number, which is how some other universities can make you feel if they are quite large.

What are the best things about the city of Dundee?

The city is great! Lots of things to do around the city center, nice restaurants and cocktail bars! It’s big enough that there are things to do but not so big as to provide a constant distraction from your studies.

What is your favourite memory about studying here?

I would probably say some of the mooting competitions with my two mooting partners for ESU and Inner Temple. It was a great way to explore the country while also bonding with my fellow law students!

What did you like the most about the facilities and activities available to you on campus, e.g. the sports facilities, the library, the Student's Association etc.?

I really love how each school has their own lounge. They're great for studying in but also great place to just catch up with people, have lunch etc! They're also good for when the library gets busy at exam time!

What work or further study have you been doing since graduation?

I am currently studying at the University of Law in Leeds and am taking the Barristers Practice Course LLM with the litigation program.

What has your University of Dundee degree given you, and how has studying here prepared you for life after graduation?

It's given me confidence in my advocacy skills which has helped prepare me for a career at the English & Welsh Bar.

Kathleen S. 

University of Dundee