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I was interested in studying internationally

I applied for the LLB Senior Status program as I was interested in studying internationally, while obtaining a qualified law degree. Belfast presented a fascinating and unique landscape to study law because of its rich political history. In my opinion, students interested in studying law would be hard pressed to find a better quality of education and better quality of life than at Queen’s University Belfast and the city of Belfast as a whole has to offer.

The core modules learned through my first year at Queen’s provided me with essential legal skills related to research and writing that have provided me with success in the practical application. This summer I had the opportunity of working at a Personal Injury firm in Canada and was able to use the transferable skills that allowed me to develop a holistic understanding of the legal process as I worked both behind the scenes completing administrative responsibilities, and closely with both the legal team and clients in assessing claims, preparing legal documents, and attending on legal proceedings.


Queen's University Belfast