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Law is something I wanted to pursue

I finished my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Pharmacy in Canada. I was at a graduate fair in Canada where I saw the Queen’s Law School stand. They told me about the fast-track Senior Status two-year programme. Law is something I wanted to pursue. There are so many tools you can use, even if you don’t want to be a barrister or solicitor. There’s lots of usages for a Law degree e.g. human rights and patient care, pharmaceutical drug distribution, post-conflict society.

The majority of classes are in the same beautiful new building. Study spaces in the building are quiet, with big tables to spread out my books. A lot of the materials are online, but the McClay Library
as a good source for books too. Our tutorials are an amazing way to learn. There’s a lot of self-study, guided by professors and teaching assistants to develop our own sense of critical thinking.

The majority of students are from arts and humanities backgrounds e.g. history, philosophy, politics, sciences, but also professional paralegals with practical knowledge. Everything is within walking distance to class, to Botanic Gardens, close to the courts and the city centre. The PEC gym is well equipped, with a rock climbing wall, exercise classes and is inexpensive for membership. I get involved
in the Student Clubs which host conferences by Law firms and I joined LawPod. There’s a surf club and we go to Portrush and Donegal and enjoy the beautiful breath-taking coasts of Ireland.


Queen's University Belfast