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One of the Best Decisions I Have Ever Made

Going to study law school in the UK was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It all began when I ran into a recruiter, John Kelly, from CLFA. We spoke at length about my hopes, dreams and fears, and he took the time to answer my questions. This was the seed that was planted and soon thereafter I was off to Birmingham to study law in a University that was made of all red bricks in 1900. 

I made a lot of new friends as people traveled from all over the world to study law there. There was a large group of Canadians in our law class which made it feel like I never left home, but I did. I traveled to all over Europe when I had the chance and not only came out of the UK with a law degree but with experiences I would have never received had I not took the leap and travelled abroad. 

My international experience was helpful in finding me an articling job and I am now living my dream. Think about what you want and make decisions to follow your dreams!

Pejman P. 

University of Birmingham