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Organized, Resourceful and Knowledgeable

Undertaking the decision to apply to Law School in England through CLFA was the best decision I made. Not only was I provided a personal consultant who helped me step by step, starting with the application process until departure. I had the security that most students do not have, access to insider information and advice from students/ advisors who have completed their LLB’s or LLM’s in England at the finest of Universities. CLFA as an association is organized, resourceful and knowledgeable.

My advisor was able to keep me on track, steer me in the right direction and offer options that were catered to my individual needs. I must express the value CLFA has brought to my experience of applying to Law School. I had the opportunity to attend the Pre-Departure Networking Event that was hosted, I am appreciative for the valuable information I retained and the fellow contacts I was able to meet.

I can proudly say that, this year I will be entering into the graduate entry GE LLB, studying in the heart of London, thanks to CLFA! 

I strongly believe that law is a central facet to the functioning of society and now I can join the legal profession as I embark on this new and challenging enterprise.

As Dr. Samuel Johnson wrote, "If a man is tired of London, he is tired of life"

Paula P. 

City, University of London