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Queen’s is a great university campus

I looked at Queen’s as it is a highly ranked university. It has a brand new Law School which is an amazing facility. We have a Senior Status room just for our class with lots of quiet space and access to our own kitchen.

I am taking Business Law and I really enjoy Intellectual Property Law. There’s a lot of independent study and preparing for small group tutorials is a huge positive because it helps me to focus on my work. Everyone in the class works very hard. We are all trying to learn, and we can see different viewpoints.

Queen’s is a great university campus. There’s lots of good food places within walking distance. Belfast is a fantastic city with so much history to learn about and see. It’s cheaper to live here than it is in to live in London. Europe is so accessible from here, I am flying to Paris this weekend for £30. I have been to over 10 countries in Europe since I came here.


Queen's University Belfast