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Queen’s was my number one choice

I toured the UK and Ireland after my degree as a tourist and I loved visiting Belfast. I looked at lots of Senior Status programs but Queen’s was my number one choice as it has a great reputation and is highly ranked. I got a very positive vibe from the School. I was able to speak to one of the first year students about the program which made a huge difference. The people are so incredibly nice.

There’s a private room in the Law building for Senior Status students. In tutorials we get to bond especially during essay time. We have a diverse background including English, science, politics, law. We work well together and it’s been a great experience. The law here is similar to Canadian law. I’m open to staying here in the field of law. Queen’s brings in a lot of big law firms in during Welcome week and throughout the year. There are so many more options to explore, even to work in Europe.

The rent is not as expensive as in London. It’s affordable here and therefore very attractive. I live by the PEC gym and there is a golf course in the Ormeau Park. I went to the Law ball at Titanic Belfast with the Law Society. Belfast is not too big of a city. I enjoy sports like ice hockey and rugby. The Cathedral District nightlight is very good. Belfast is very close to Dublin, only 2 hours by train or bus. The ferry to Scotland is very convenient. My friends are going to Paris, representing the School in a dispute resolution competition. The Giant’s Causeway in the north coast is very beautiful.


Queen's University Belfast