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Studying at York

I would be lying if I said it was my dream as a kid to go study law in England. Some things just happen by chance, and going to York was one of them. I can’t imagine my life without it though. Whether it’s the old cobblestone streets (look up “the Shambles” on Google!), the ancient Roman city walls, the insanely stunning Minster, the ability to travel to every major city in 2 hrs more or less, or just the people of Yorkshire, I can not think of a better place to do your law degree.  

The law program itself at York is unique, with a problem-based learning program that teaches less with lectures and more with hands on problem solving, I consistently found myself a step up on the competition when speaking about the practical aspects of legal work in interviews, and now, as a practising lawyer in Toronto, I can honestly say that York prepared me in ways that I don’t believe other universities would. All the professors are on a first name basis, the program itself is small and focused, and there is a dedicated law program career adviser who uses connections in the industry and practise experience to help you get where you want to go.

I now have friends all over Europe and the world, and I visit every chance I get. Just don’t get too addicted to the sausage rolls and Yorkshire puddings.


University of York