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As a fourth year at the University of Toronto, making that last home run, I knew that writing the LSATs and applying for law schools while classes and midterms run, would be no easy task. But upon a friend’s invite to come along to the information session of Canada Law From Aboard in September of last year, I gained a new sense of direction in terms of the application process for the UK and knew that I would get clear guidance for the next couple of months. 

By contacting Canada Law From Aboard, I not only received those things, but so much more. My wonderful advisor helped me with the application process, provided me with great advice on what universities worked best for me and suited my academic goals, answered millions of my questions within 24 hours of my email, presented me with reassuring suggestions and recommendations when it came to making difficult decisions, and moreover was simply a great support throughout the entire process. Her great guidance and advice helped me complete not only the applicaiton process, but also the visa process and other formalities in a organized and calm manner. 

Even after having been accepted to every university I applied to, Canada Law From Aboard was along side me in every step of the way, reminding me of deadlines, start dates for university formalities and every such other detail. With their great help, I can confidently say that the last year has been made tremendously easy for me, and as I head off to law school, I could not be more thankful to Canada Law From Aboard for their all help.

Maneesha J. 

University of Birmingham