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Toronto to Birmingham

I was only 17 when I began the process of applying to law school in the UK. Having been in high school in Ontario, all I knew was OUAC because that's what all my classmates were using.

After meeting my advisor from Canada Law from Abroad at a universities fair, I immediately felt a huge relief. She was incredible and walked me through the entire process and made sure I didn't miss deadlines. Not only did she advise me on picking universities and provide valuable information on each, but she was also a crucial part of my actual application. She helped me navigate UCAS and writing a personal statement (ahh!). The personal statement was a scary thought to me - how will I portray myself in the best way to all these universities? She read every draft and gave me feedback on how to improve, ultimately leading to all my acceptances. When I narrowed down the last 2 universities I debated attending, she met with me and we talked about the pros and cons of both and which I would be better suited for.

In the end, I chose to attend the University of Birmingham and it is a PERFECT fit! I especially love the campus, the law school staff, and the careers service. Looking back, I really don't know how I would have navigated the UK university system without Canada Law from Abroad and I am very appreciative that this sort of service exists.


University of Birmingham