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Unique opportunity

After getting in contact with John G. Kelly at Canada Law from Abroad, I was convinced going abroad for law school was my destiny. John was excellent and professional in advising on how smooth the transition would be. He gave me information that I needed to apply, and he even helped me with my personal statement. John truly understands the value English education has to offer, and now after completing the Graduate level LL.B at the University of Sussex, I know why.

I had a phenomenal experience studying and working in the United Kingdom. I told two school-mates about studying law in the UK, and one was able to successfully apply through John. In the first year we quickly transitioned to the new marking scheme, and we were welcomed with many other Canadian students who opted to study law in England as well. I obtained a part-time job working at Zara in a local mall in Brighton, and easily adjusted to my new life in Brighton, United Kingdom.

My most rememberable experience studying at the University of Sussex, was the Professors; they were passionate, articulate, and determined to see that the Canadian students not only understood the new grading system, but that we also succeeded in our grades. They offered extra support and office hours to help us when we needed it. I managed to finish my degree in the two years, with a 2:1, and I achieved a first class mark in Property Law and European Law. I had previously thought that my achievements were unattainable, and at one point I thought I would never get the grades I needed given my work/school balance I’m often faced with. The University of Sussex also gave us unique opportunities to get involved with law related extra-curricular activities such as mooting and negotiation workshops, and the unique opportunity to obtain a certificate in Commercial Awareness from BPP Law School in London.

Not only was my experience in the UK rewarding in the context of academics, I also had the unique opportunity to travel Europe for next to nothing! At the age of 24 years old, I had travelled to Toledo, Madrid, Amsterdam, Venice, Milan, and traveled all over the UK. This was a once in a life time experience that I would never take back. I was able to fulfill my dreams of going to law school, whilst traveling the world! I even got an opportunity to go to Ghana in Africa while I was there, because of the cheaper flights from London to Africa!

At 24 years old, I held a B.A (Hons) and an LL.B. On my return I was assigned 7 exams to complete in order to meet the requirements to get licensed in Ontario. I can proudly say that I have completed these requirements in one year. The exam process is not as stringent as the exams I had to do in law school in the UK. The NCA exams are open book, and all you need is a 50 to pass. In the UK you have the added pressure of doing well, so that your transcript looks favorable to future employers.

All in all, my experience going abroad was well worth it for me. I avoided the LSAT, which I had no time for, and I wasted no time since I was able to go right after I finished my undergraduate degree. In addition, the cost was so low compared to my other friends who studied in North America. I made international friends that I will have forever, and I have seen parts of the world that people only dream of getting the opportunity to visit. I am 25 years old now, and life couldn’t be any better, I’m going through the licensing process in Ontario, and I wasted no time. This is largely due to the help I received from John at Canada Law from Abroad, and I am so grateful for the opportunities I had through this experience. This experience has matured me in many ways and I now have memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I highly recommend students to give studying abroad a chance, it gave me an opportunity to grow as an individual, living on my own in a new continent, and now I have an phenomenal experience that is part of who I am today.

Sara O. 

University of Sussex