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University of Birmingham is your best choice!

I used Canada Law from Abroad to apply to Law Schools in the UK. Shortly after I submitted my request for help, I was contacted by an advisor. My advisor had made, what seems to be a dreadful process to young students, an easy and smooth application process.

I applied to many universities, of all ranks, though I chose to attend the University of Birmingham Law School and I can confidently say that I do not regret my decision one bit!

The curriculum and academic staff at Birmingham Law School are astounding, extremely helpful and resourceful. University of Birmingham has given me the opportunity to grow personally and professionally in so many ways. During my time here, I’ve not only gotten an outstanding education from a world-class Russell Group university, but I’ve gotten a chance to make a difference at the university myself.

During my time here, I was lucky enough to obtain a position as an Equality and Diversity College Ambassador for the College of Social Sciences. Through this role, I’ve gotten the platform to voice my thoughts, opinions and beliefs on issues which are important to me. In addition to my role as an E&D Ambassador, I’ve gotten the opportunity to create a Canadian Society for the university with my Law School colleague.

Finally, being a student at University of Birmingham has provided me with a chance to be a Delegate at the upcoming University of Birmingham International Model United Nations Conference in March 2019, for the Special Committee on Gender Equality. Overall, I understand that making the decision to move to another country for a few years requires a lot of sacrifice(s) and time away from your loved ones. However, for me personally, choosing University of Birmingham Law School has made this sacrifice completely worth it, as I will soon graduate and leave this university as the best version of myself. Plus, the campus is beautiful, you wouldn’t want to leave!


University of Birmingham