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I was so lucky to have met Vivian at a Go Global Fair where she enthusiastically answered my exhaustive list of questions about studying in the UK as a Canadian. Prior to the fair I had no idea that services like this existed, and especially free of charge! CLFA matches you with an adviser, sends step by step explanations of different parts of the application process and reminders of upcoming important dates.

After Vivian became my adviser she helped me with choosing a school by explaining the distinctions between the different programs while addressing my specific interests. She even recommended residences based on her personal experience. Vivian provided helpful advice after reading my personal statement and checked over my UCAS application making the whole process as smooth as possible. She went above and beyond my expectations of an adviser by touching base with the schools’ admissions departments when needed, doing a fantastic job at explaining how to obtain documents, and always replying to emails in a timely fashion (sometimes within the hour!). 

When it came time to apply for a Tier 4 Visa Vivian sent relevant and up to date information compiled from official UK websites, making the application a lot easier to understand. The CLFA experience always felt simple and personal. Vivian was friendly and supportive every step of the way. She not only gave me the confidence to pick law schools from across the ocean but also the comfort of talking to someone who has gone through the whole process herself. 

I’m very grateful to the whole CLFA team, especially when I think of how many students they have helped achieve their goals of studying abroad. I now recommend CLFA to absolutely everyone who shows an interest in law school!

Veronica P. 

City, University of London