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Canada Law from Abroad is Second to None!

From researching schools to the moment I stepped on campus, the Canada Law from Abroad team did a great job in ensuring all my questions were answered. My decision to study the LLB for Graduates program at the University of Birmingham was rendered seamless, due in large part to the efforts of...


University of Birmingham

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Excellent professors

Looking back on the past year, I am genuinely amazed at the amount of opportunities and experiences that I have had thanks to the Juris Doctor programs at Queen's. After completing my first year of studies, I spent the summer back in Canada working for two separate law firms - one for three months...

Lawrence D.

Queen's University Belfast

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Extremely helpful

Canada Law From Abroad is extremely helpful in the process of applying to law schools. I felt comfortable that I had the help I needed to make applying go smoothly as possible. My advisor was very friendly and always had a answer to all my questions. Thanks CLFA!

Serene A.

University of Exeter

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Fantastic Application Experience

I applied to both Canadian and British schools. The difference in the process is like night and day. Between studying, writing the LSAT and completing my application for Canadian schools I spent around $1000 and countless hours. Applying to schools in the UK through Canada Law From Abroad cost me...

Richard B.

University of Birmingham

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Fulfilled my Dreams to Study Law in the UK

CLFA helped me to fulfill two dreams: that I would study law, and that I would study law in England. CLFA is a fantastic service–an absolute must if one has an interest in pursuing their legal studies in England. Their experienced staff and their resources have saved me countless hours of...

Adam M.

University of Essex

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Great Experience with Canada Law From Abroad

Vivian and the entire team at Canada Law From Abroad have been such a great aid in assisting through all facets of the university application process. Their help has proven invaluable and I am very grateful for the effort that their team has put forth! I would highly recommend Canada Law From...

Curtis A.

City, University of London

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Great Help

CLFA has been a great help in guiding me throughout my process of attending law school. Before and during my application, I received immediate assistance from the very helpful consultants. After having completed my first year of Law School, my CLFA advisor still kindly puts in effort into attending...

Jawad J.

University of Birmingham

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Great Organization

Canada Law from Abroad is a great organization and helped me immensely while applying to law school in the United Kingdom. My advisor helped me with all parts of the application process and made sure it was considered promptly by the admissions department. CLFA also helped me with getting...

Keith S.

University of Kent

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Great Professionalism, Care and Patience

I could not be happier with my decision to attend the University of Birmingham (LLB for Graduates) in pursuit of my Law Degree. Looking back to the early months of last year, I was very ambivalent towards the idea. However, as soon as I reached out to the CLFA team, my concerns were immediately...

Tyler N.

University of Birmingham

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Highly recommended

I am more than happy with the experience I had with this organization. Vivian helped me with every aspect of this process and I could not be more thankful. I highly recommend using this program if you are interesting in law school abroad.

Rachel H.

University of Birmingham

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