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This is my dream

Firstly, I would like to thank my advisor Vivian for her active role in my application process for law school. Vivian's perpetual support is the reason why I am accepted to a law school today. She is very knowledgeable about her work. She's aware of what each school typically requires and she knows...

Kaitlyn-Anne M.

University of Essex

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This program is amazing

As a Canadian, who had just completed a degree in Politics and Sociology, some wondered why I chose the LLB Single Honours degree program at Queen’s University Belfast but the choice was easy. I knew that I wanted to study law and to practice, not just in Canada but also internationally. Queen’s...

Lauren K.

Queen's University Belfast

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Toronto to Birmingham

I was only 17 when I began the process of applying to law school in the UK. Having been in high school in Ontario, all I knew was OUAC because that's what all my classmates were using.After meeting my advisor from Canada Law from Abroad at a universities fair, I immediately felt a huge relief. She...


University of Birmingham

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Unique opportunity

After getting in contact with John G. Kelly at Canada Law from Abroad, I was convinced going abroad for law school was my destiny. John was excellent and professional in advising on how smooth the transition would be. He gave me information that I needed to apply, and he even helped me with my...

Sara O.

University of Sussex

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University of Birmingham is your best choice!

I used Canada Law from Abroad to apply to Law Schools in the UK. Shortly after I submitted my request for help, I was contacted by an advisor. My advisor had made, what seems to be a dreadful process to young students, an easy and smooth application process.I applied to many universities, of all...


University of Birmingham

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What a pleasant experience!

First of all, I would like to say that the entire application process was extremely straight forward and if I required further information the CLFA team was more than happy to help. Additionally, the support I received from my advisor was beyond splendid especially because she frequently checked in...

Faraz J.

University of Sussex

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Why CLFA? Let me tell you!

Applying to law school in another country may seem like a daunting task. But with the help of Canada Law From Abroad, it was made simple. The service CLFA provides is tremendous. Your personal advisor will go through everything with you, step by step. My advisor promptly responded to all my...

Kathleen S.

University of Birmingham

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York is one of the nicest cities in the UK

My experience has been great. The size of the city (York) makes it very convenient to get around easily, yet still has the energy you'd expect from a big city. The city itself is an awesome place to walk around and enjoy some down time, but the University of York campus has everything you need, as...

Zachary W.

University of York

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You're in Good Hands!

I was so lucky to have met Vivian at a Go Global Fair where she enthusiastically answered my exhaustive list of questions about studying in the UK as a Canadian. Prior to the fair I had no idea that services like this existed, and especially free of charge! CLFA matches you with an adviser, sends...

Veronica P.

City, University of London

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