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The legal industry is changing and the traditional career as a lawyer with a generic law qualification is disappearing. To have a successful career you need niche knowledge and expertise that is difficult to replicate both academically and practically. This is where the Master of Laws, or “LLM” comes in.


The LLM is a unique degree with specialized legal knowledge that can be studied as a niche area of expertise as a fantastic value-add to a qualifying law degree or as a stand-alone qualification in its own right, if you want to work in the legal sector but not necessarily as a qualified lawyer. Where as the British LLB and Canadian JD are both “first-level” undergraduate professional degrees, A LLM from the UK enables students with baccalaureate degrees to leverage their undergraduate degree programs into LLM specializations and obtain a legal practice niche career credential. This is the door opener to practice specialization departments in mid-size and large law firms and boutique law firms.

We can help you if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions:

  1. Do you want to study law in the UK?
  2. Are you a Canadian law graduate looking to specialize?
  3. Are you an undergraduate student looking to enter the legal profession?

There are exciting legal careers out there and our aim is to help you look for jobs in niche areas especially if you come from a background in science, political science and engineering.


The LLM degree is recognized internationally and is the career door opener since law firms, consultants, governments and NGOs want to hire legal specialists that can provide added value services to clients and British Law schools are the international leaders in the development of innovative one year LLM degrees.


The UK has been a pioneer in the development of innovative leading edge LLM Degree programs! The UK also allows for direct entry into the LLM for undergraduate degree holders, as many UK courses allow undergraduates to directly apply for an LLM (your advisor can help you determine which programs will allow for direct admission).  This ability to go directly from an undergraduate degree to the LLM differs from Canada and the U.S., where you need an LLB/JD degree for admission.

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