My Canada Law from Abroad Experience

Discover why students love Canada Law from Abroad and studying in the UK at one of our Preferred Law School partners.

Lauren K.
3-year LLB, Queen's University Belfast

As a Canadian, who had just completed a degree in Politics and Sociology, some wondered why I chose the LLB Single Honours degree program at Queen’s University Belfast but the choice was easy. I knew that I wanted to study law and to practice,… Read more

Maria P.
2 Year LLB, Queen's University Belfast

I completed my first year in the JD program on a very high note because of the incredible opportunities available at Queen’s and the support of the key staff members at the School of Law. On the academic side, I was awarded one of the Top… Read more

2 Year LLB, University of York

Canada Law from Abroad assisted me in the whole process of applying to law schools in the UK.

I was fortunate to meet my advisor in person in one of CLFA's downtown Toronto sessions in the fall of 2017 where she provided me with a detailed… Read more

Zachary W.
3-year LLB, University of York

My experience has been great. The size of the city (York) makes it very convenient to get around easily, yet still has the energy you'd expect from a big city. The city itself is an awesome place to walk around and enjoy some down time, but the… Read more

Bailey T.
3-year LLB, University of York

I'd like to thank Canada Law From Abroad, particularity Vivian my student advisor. Without your help I could have never had the smooth process that I did. With help with my personal statement to advise on schools and encouragement I was accepted… Read more

Lawrence D.
2 Year LLB, Queen's University Belfast

Looking back on the past year, I am genuinely amazed at the amount of opportunities and experiences that I have had thanks to the Juris Doctor programs at Queen's. 

After completing my first year of studies, I spent the summer back in… Read more

Rachel B.
2 Year LLB, University of Sussex

Applying to law school was stressful and scary, but it was a much easier experience with an advisor who was there to help me along the way. 

After being accepted and confirming my offer, applying for my visa was even more stressful as… Read more

Faraz J.
3-year LLB, University of Sussex

First of all, I would like to say that the entire application process was extremely straight forward and if I required further information the CLFA team was more than happy to help. Additionally, the support I received from my advisor was beyond… Read more

Morgan B.
2 Year LLB, University of Southampton

Canada Law from Abroad is an incredible organization. My advisor assisted me all throughout my Law School application process and still continues to do so, even after I have been accepted to all of my choice schools, and accepted my offer to the… Read more

Rico L.
2 Year LLB, University of Southampton

I am a first year law student in University of Southampton. I worked with Aurora from Canada Law From Abroad for my application. She is always supportive and responsive, and helped me greatly during my entire application process. I truly… Read more

Dan J.
2 Year LLB, University of Southampton

I found both John and the website to be immensely helpful providing information and feedback with my application to UK law programmes. John was always timely with his responses to any questions I had or updates to my application. The website was… Read more

Felicity S.
2 Year LLB, University of Southampton

In 2015, I contacted CLFA expressing an interest in studying law in the UK. My advisor went above and beyond to facilitate my application. He assisted me with every step in the process from securing an academic reference to preparing my personal… Read more

Yasmine S.
2 Year LLB, University of Leeds

After doing the final semester of my undergraduate degree abroad in the Netherlands, I knew I wanted to complete law school in Europe. Once I started looking into the various options and countries available for this, I stumbled upon Canada Law… Read more

Harrish S.
2 Year LLB, University of Leeds

When initially thinking of applying to the UK for Law School, I didn't really know where to start. Canada Law from Abroad put me on the right track from A to Z helping me with the application process every step of the way.

I would like to… Read more

2 Year LLB, University of Leeds

I attended one of  Canada Law from Abroad's meet & greets in Toronto a couple months before applying for law schools. I was able to talk to a representative who explained what my options were and how I could benefit from studying… Read more

Yael H.
2 Year LLB, University of Leeds

CLFA helped me with every step to fulfill my dream to study Law in the UK. Without them I don't think I would have been able to complete the process with such ease.

Thanks to them I am now studying in Leeds and I love it! Anyone from… Read more

Robert M.
2 Year LLB, University of Leeds

My name’s Robert and I’m studying in the 2 year LLB (graduate programme) at the University of Leeds. 

I absolutely love the city of Leeds as there is so much to do and see. The university is even better, as they have such a large… Read more

Ananjay R.
2 Year LLB, University of Leeds

The CLFA is an amazing organization. Vivian helped me a tremendous amount over the course of a year during my decision-making process. She and the entire team are patient and work to make your applications and life as easy as possible. It's hard… Read more

Nicole R.
2 Year LLB, University of Kent

My name is Nicole and I am a recent graduate from York University in Toronto, Ontario. Ever since I heard of the Canada Law from Abroad program during my studies at York, I knew this was an opportunity I had to pursue.

I am so… Read more

2 Year LLB, University of Kent

I had heard people mention that studying law in the UK was a possibility, but had no real idea about how to go about doing so. I first randomly heard about an organization called CLFA from a friend, so I googled them and sent an email to see if… Read more

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