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Queen's University Belfast

The Law School at Queen's is ranked as one of the top Schools in the UK and Ireland. Teaching quality within the School was judged to be 'excellent' and our research was awarded a 5B (excellent) by the UK Higher Education Funding Bodies. There are over 800 undergraduate students enrolled in the School, 190 postgraduates, 70 PhD students and almost 50 members of academic staff. You will be taught by scholars from all over the world, many of whom have international reputations in their fields and all are committed teachers and researchers. Students will also have access to an excellent law section in the library and extensive IT facilities. 

Law has been taught at Queen’s University, Belfast for over 150 years. Queen’s is very proud of this heritage – which is reflected in the rankings the School has consistently enjoyed. The School is widely acknowledged as a leading centre of legal scholarship and research in the UK and Ireland with particular strengths in commercial law, corporate governance, environmental law, human rights, criminology and criminal justice, public law as well as common law. Queen’s research continues to influence debate on regional, national and international issues. 

The School is situated in the heart of a beautiful campus located just 15 minutes walk from Belfast City Centre in Northern Ireland. The Law School recently moved into a new $35 million building providing first class facilities including a court room and recording studio. 

The School operates a proactive system of student support. Advisers of Studies are allocated to each degree programme tasked to guide and support you throughout your time with us, together with the School's experienced and helpful administrative staff. In addition, students are allocated a Personal Tutor for their time in the School. Queen’s places considerable emphasis on facilitating good communication between staff and students. 

At Queen’s extracurricular activities are an important part of the student experience. Students consistently achieve both national and international recognition in their endeavours. Queen’s has some of the best mooters in the country with an established track record of winning national awards. As well as mooting, Queen’s has a successful Alternative Dispute Resolution Society that is popular with Canadian students. 

Queen’s aims to deliver a high quality learning environment that embeds intellectual curiosity, innovation and best practice in learning, teaching and student support to enable student to achieve their full academic potential. 


Queen’s is offering a LLB Senior Status International Scholarship of £4,000 to new students who begin their studies on the Senior Status (Graduate Entry) LLB program in the academic year 2021-2022. To find out more, sign up with an advisor.

Do you want to learn more about the study options at Queen's? Contact us for more information about studying law in the UK.


Date of establishment: 1845

Student population: 24,000

Number of international students: Queen’s currently has over 2900 international students from 85 different countries 

LocationQueen’s University’s historic campus is an urban setting just a 15-minute walk from Belfast’s vibrant city centre. Situated within three designated conservation areas, walking or cycling around the area is a pleasant experience. Numerous shops, cafes and restaurants are nearby, as are Botanic Gardens, the Ulster Museum, the Lyric Theatre, and Queen’s Physical Education Centre.  

City population: 300,000

Closest airports: George Best Belfast City Airport and Belfast International Airport

Cost of Tuition per year: from £17,400 per year (2021/22)

Accommodation cost: from £75 per week 


JD Graduation 2017


International Student Experience - Matt

School of Law, LLB Senior Status Programme

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Law is something I wanted to pursue

I finished my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Pharmacy in Canada. I was at a graduate fair in Canada where I saw the Queen’s Law School stand. They told me about the fast-track Senior Status two-year programme. Law is something I wanted to pursue.


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Queen’s was my number one choice

I toured the UK and Ireland after my degree as a tourist and I loved visiting Belfast. I looked at lots of Senior Status programs but Queen’s was my number one choice as it has a great reputation and is highly ranked. I got a very positive vibe from the School.


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Queen’s is a great university campus

I looked at Queen’s as it is a highly ranked university. It has a brand new Law School which is an amazing facility. We have a Senior Status room just for our class with lots of quiet space and access to our own kitchen.


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I was interested in studying internationally

I applied for the LLB Senior Status program as I was interested in studying internationally, while obtaining a qualified law degree. Belfast presented a fascinating and unique landscape to study law because of its rich political history.


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Incredible opportunities

I completed my first year in the JD program on a very high note because of the incredible opportunities available at Queen’s and the support of the key staff members at the School of Law.

Maria P.

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Excellent professors

Looking back on the past year, I am genuinely amazed at the amount of opportunities and experiences that I have had thanks to the Juris Doctor programs at Queen's. 

Lawrence D.

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This program is amazing

I knew that I wanted to study law and to practice, not just in Canada but also internationally. Queen’s offered me a three-year program similar to a Canadian JD. With this degree, I can practice in the UK, and I can return to Canada.

Lauren K.

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