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University of Sheffield

  • BA (Hons) Archaeology and Medieval Studies (Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada)
  • MA Medieval Archaeology (University of Sheffield, UK)

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What did you do before you started working for Canada Law from Abroad?

I’ve previously worked in an advisory role several times throughout my career. My first experience was as a residence assistant at Wilfrid Laurier, which provided me with experience counselling students through all manner of issues or helping them with any questions they may have! I also have experience as an Academic Tutor and French teacher, which fostered my interest in sharing my knowledge with others. I worked in these positions prior to my Master’s degree, but they were invaluable experiences which helped pave the way to my work here at Canada Law from Abroad!

Why did you decide to study in the UK?

As a Medieval Studies major, the UK was a natural choice for my next steps. With a rich heritage and complex history, the idea of living and learning in the UK and having the opportunity to visit the very sites I was learning about was too compelling to resist. I’ve now graduated from my MA and have been living in the UK on and off for six years and am so glad I took the leap and applied abroad!

Why do you like working for Canada Law from Abroad?

I like working with Canada Law from Abroad because I’m happy to share my knowledge and first-hand experience to help students with the next steps of their academic journeys. Studying abroad can be the experience of a lifetime, and it's very rewarding providing students with the information to help them live out their dreams.  


Why do you think people from Canada should study in the UK? 

I think people from North America should study in the UK, because it is an opportunity to engage with another culture and grow from experiences outside the norm. The UK specifically is a great choice for international students as you can get a world-class education and enjoy close travel-links to Europe.


The history – I love the old buildings!
The pubs 
Walking in the countryside
Visiting with my friends
Being able to travel so easily!

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