Senior Student Advisor & Event Coordinator


University of Kent

  • BA Political Science (University of British Columbia, Canada)
  • MA International Relations (University of Kent, UK)

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What did you do before you started working for Canada Law from Abroad?

I was lucky enough to start working for Canada Law from Abroad right after I graduated from my MA in England! I started part-time in 2014 attending recruitment events as well as helping with applications. Then I started advising students full time in summer 2015! I also started events coordinating around 2017/2018 to go along with student advising.


Why did you decide to study in the UK?

I took a year off after my BA to figure out what I really wanted to do for my MA. After a few months looking into different options, I learned about options for studying in the UK at a Study Abroad Fair! Since the applications were free, I figured why not apply and see what happens. In the end it seemed like the best (and most cost-effective) choice for me! I had a wonderful time at Kent and it then led me to working with Canada Law from Abroad when I graduated!


Why do you like working for Canada Law from Abroad?

The best thing about working for Canada Law from Abroad is talking about my time abroad to everyone! I love to travel and had such an amazing time studying abroad, I love to share those stories. It’s great to help students do the same thing, and to get to hear their stories and experiences as well!


Why do you think people from Canada should study in the UK? 

Studying in the UK is not as expensive as you might think! My friend and I compared our Master’s program costs after we graduated – we did similar programs but hers was in Canada – and it turned out that mine was actually less expensive than hers. I also finished my program a year earlier than her, which meant starting to work earlier!


A few of my favourite UK things:
1. The museums! There are tons and they are free to visit.
2. The beaches in Scotland. I’m from Vancouver Island and we have some amazing beaches, the ones that I’ve been to on the Isle of Skye were absolutely stunning in comparison!
3. High tea – scones and clotted cream in particular.
4. Walking tours, especially the scary ones (the haunted walking tours in Edinburgh are lots of fun!)
5. Shopping – Primark and Poundland are amazing for students especially!

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