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After doing the final semester of my undergraduate degree abroad in the Netherlands, I knew I wanted to complete law school in Europe. Once I started looking into the various options and countries available for this, I stumbled upon Canada Law From Abroad's website. At first, I was extremely skeptical... how could a service like this be free, this easy and cost absolutely nothing to use? However, using Canada Law From Abroad to apply to law schools has been the best decision I have made!

From the moment I sent off my initial email, my advisor has helped me more than I could ever explain. Aside from answering my countless emails and queries, she has provided me with so much information to ensure I was at peace of mind throughout each stage of the application process.

Words cannot describe how thankful I am for Canada Law From Abroad's service and all of my advisor's help. Without this organization, I would have never taken the plunge to apply to law school in England and would not be completing the two-year LLB program at the University of Leeds today!

To anyone considering applying, do not hesitate to use this service one bit! My experience was absolutely wonderful and I am certain it would be the same for anyone else in the future.

Thank you again for everything, I am forever grateful!

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