UK Law Degrees

There are a range of UK Law Degrees available that are comparable to those offered in Canada, and some that are only available when you choose to study in Britain. Discover which UK Law programme is right for you.

The UK Law School Advantage with John Kelly

John Kelly, founder and CEO of Canada Law from Abroad discusses the UK Law School Advantage. Did you know that you can get your LLB and LLM in the same amount of time it takes to get an LLB in Canada? Watch this video to find out more. UK Law School Advantage

  • No LSAT: going to be evaluated on the strength of your application, not your ability to take a uniform test
  • Can earn a qualifying law degree in 2 years; Canadian Bar association recognizes that there is no need for an additional three years of education
  • Can earn an LLB and LLM in the same time it takes to earn an JD in Canada
  • Internationally recognized degrees; over 33 percent of Canadian law school professors have been trained in the UK
  • Comparable cost to a law degree in Canada

The NCA process have found that 800 students from Canada are going to the UK for law school annually, so that the largest Canadian Law school is not the composite of UK Law schools

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The foundations of ‘common law’ originated in the UK and were developed over a period of a thousand years. Law is made up of a set of principles that enables legal professionals to analyze and solve legal problems.

These set of principles are encompassed in the ‘core law school curriculum’:

  • Torts
  • Real Property & Personal Property
  • Contract(s)
  • Commercial/Corporate Law
  • Evidence
  • Remedies
  • Trusts

The above ‘core law school curriculum’ is the same in every LLB/JD degree programme in comparable common law Commonwealth countries such as Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, as well as the U.S.


CLFA are partners with 12 of the top Law Schools in Britain. All of our Preferred UK Law Schools offer ”two year accelerated LLB degrees” which are not offered in Canada. All of our partners are also either elite Russell Group Universities and/or have a recognized status as an international centre of excellence at the LLM (Masters of Law) level.

Choosing a School

Our advisors will encourage and prepare you to attend excellent Law degree programmes with the British university that best matches your academic and personal objectives. If you need advice on finding the right programme, please complete the form below.

Core Law School Curriculum

  1. Torts
  2. Real Property & Personal Property
  3. Contract(s)
  4. Commercial/Corporate Law
  5. Evidence
  6. Remedies
  7. Trusts

Study Programmes

Strategic UK “2 year LLB + 1 year LLM Legal Specialist Combo”

The Canadian legal field is becoming ever increasingly competitive. The bar for entry-level legal career positions is being raised. As is the case with comparable professions e.g. medicine, there is a decrease in demand for general professional degree graduates. There is corresponding increase in demand for ‘specialists’ with expertise in a niche area.

Canada Law From Abroad strongly recommends that you choose the strategic UK 2 Yr. + 1 Yr. ‘Legal Specialist’ Combo (LLB+LLM) Degrees for these reasons:

This route gives you the edge in opening career doors since you’ll return to Canada in 3 years with both a general law degree and a ‘legal specialist’ graduate degree and designation. (Contrast this with students who attend a Canadian law schools and only obtain the one degree, the LLB/JD, in the same three year period.)

With 3 years of legal education from the UK you also write fewer NCA challenge examinations for your Canadian accreditation.

In the UK you have the advantage of applying for an LLM degree at any point during your LLB studies.

Another UK advantage is that you have the option to choose the best-fit LLM programme that matches your legal career interests and aspirations in any law school in the UK.

A few Canadian law schools have introduced 3.5 year ‘combined JD/LLM’ programmes. However you must apply for the entire combined JD/LLM programme in your initial JD application. The major disadvantage is that students must make a decision on an area of specialization before they have started their legal education.