I would definitely recommend studying at Exeter

Aerial view of Exeter campus

After doing a lot of research I decided University of Exeter was for me because the population size of the city and the size of the university are similar to my previous university and hometown. 

Describe your typical day at Exeter

I wake up and go to a BodySoc workout class. Then I go to the library to do work with my friends before heading to our seminar session for the day. In the evening I either relax in my accommodation with my flatmates or go to a social with the Canadian Law Society.  

What are the best aspects of studying in your department?

The class size is small and we’re always together so we get to know everyone very well. The lecturers also all know us by name so we get to know them too!

What activities are you taking part in?

I am in the Body Society and in the Canadian Law Society and I am also part of the Wills Clinic with the Exeter Pro Bono Projects. I think that taking part in the Wills Clinic will give me practical professional experience for the future. I really like going to Bodysoc classes because they are great way to break up the day and take your mind off schoolwork.

What's the best things about living in Exeter and would you recommend studying at Exeter?

Everything is in walking distance.  I would definitely recommend studying at Exeter.

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The professors are extremely supportive

The university of Exeter has incredible teaching staff, some of which are leaders in their respected field. This made the university attractive as the modules I am interested in are taught by professors well-known within that particular field.

Describe your typical day at Exeter.

Quite a difficult question to answer, our schedules change from week-week. One week may be loaded with lectures and seminars others will only contain two days of contact. That said, a typical day would involve lectures either spread out or back to back depending on the modules you select. The average day in first/ second year was spent attending lectures, syndicates, and seminars. Aside from those scheduled contact hours most of the cohort was completing their reading list. Outside academia, social events are never in short supply. Every week a new event or evening plan would be created.

What are the best aspects of studying within your department?

The professors are extremely supportive, and truly do their best to provide the best experience for their students. Very impressed with the lecturers’ commitment to getting to know their students. I also liked the difficulty of the overall program. 

How would you describe the vibe on campus?

Buzzing! The campus is brought to life by its students. Societies are very relevant, promoting their weekly or daily events. Forum hill, to my surprise, hosts food trucks from a variety of local restaurants every Friday which ends a difficult week nicely.

What activities are you taking part in? Which clubs/societies or facilities/activities do you enjoy the most?

Throughout my academic career I’ve been involved in numerous law societies and their events. These events consist of networking events, mooting, negotiation competitions, open days, dinners… etc. Currently, the president of the Canadian Law Society. Other activities I’ve been involved with outside of academia would just be intramural soccer.

Would you recommend Exeter to your friends? 

Of course! Exeter has provided me with a great education, amazing friend group, and opportunities not available at other universities.

Has the University been supportive during your time here? 

The lecturers in my program have always been supportive. They always interact and support student organized societies.

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An amazing experience

View looking down a hallway with doors on left and students sitting along benches on left

The reason I chose the University of Exeter were the opportunities available, as well as the quality of teaching and support I had heard about from former students and a professor.

The staff are above and beyond helpful, always willing to do whatever is necessary for us to succeed. Additionally, the importance of a community has always been stressed, with various events, social and academic. 

I would absolutely recommend Exeter to my friends. I believe that the support and opportunities available are unparalleled. Being able to attend a Russell Group university with staff that care and want you to thrive is an amazing experience.

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The moment I arrived on campus I knew I made the right decision

When I was comparing universities I thought long and hard about what was important to me. If I was going to travel thousands of miles away from my friends and family I wanted to be happy with my decision. Not only did I want to attend a renowned Russell Group university I wanted to be in a safe and beautiful city. The University of Exeter met my criteria and more! The moment I arrived on campus I knew I made the right decision. 

The best word to describe the vibe on campus is 'lively'. The Forum is a bustling hub of activity, with every day being different. The campus is vibrant with a variety of shops, food stalls, bake sales hosted by societies, career fairs and volunteer opportunities. There is also a piano set up inside the Forum where students can casually sit down and serenade the crowd.  

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Wonderful Assistance from a Friendly and Knowledgeable Advisor

Image of mooting courtroom with students behind desks

My Canadian Law From Abroad advisor went above and beyond in assisting me in applying for (and being accepted by) the University of Exeter. With my advisor's assistance, submitting my application was a relatively (as much as it can possibly be) stress-free experience. She provided step-by-step instruction, advice which influenced and informed my decisions, and support when requested.

Canada Law From Abroad truly recruits some top-notch individuals.

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Extremely helpful

Ocean view from the shore with cliffs in the distance

Canada Law From Abroad is extremely helpful in the process of applying to law schools. I felt comfortable that I had the help I needed to make applying go smoothly as possible. My advisor was very friendly and always had a answer to all my questions. Thanks CLFA!

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A Process Well Organized

View of Exeter cathedral through trees, looking up toward blue sky

The student advisor that really helped me through the process looking and applying for a university in the UK was Vivian. She genuinely cares about all of the students and even guided me to choosing the University of Exeter, which was not on my list when applying. Through the countless emails, questions and phone calls she was able to help me through everything and assisted with the process of the visa application. This was a great asset to applying outside of the country and I would definitely recommend this site and organization to any of my friends who do want to study in the UK.

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Canada Law from Abroad is Amazing!

Street view of Exeter sidewalk and buildings

The application process was a breeze thanks to Vivian Mak. She was very thorough in guiding me throughout the entire process. She was extremely quick in her responses via e-mail and this made the process less stressful. I'm looking forward to attending the University of Exeter in September 2018 for the 2 year LLB program!

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