My Experience with Canada Law from Abroad

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My name is Nicole and I am a recent graduate from York University in Toronto, Ontario. Ever since I heard of the Canada Law from Abroad program during my studies at York, I knew this was an opportunity I had to pursue.

I am so grateful to have been connected with my Guidance Counsellor / Advisor from Canada Law from Abroad, who has made the entire application process simple and straight-forward. From applying to Universities to my Student Visa, she has always been there and helped me every step of the way. She provides me with important information, is always there whenever I have a question and keeps me updated.

Now, approaching September 2019, I am so thrilled and excited to begin Law School at the University of Kent in Canterbury. I am looking forward to this amazing experience ahead and I would highly recommend Canada Law from Abroad to anyone who is interested in studying law.

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Thanks for all the help, guidance and support!

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I had heard people mention that studying law in the UK was a possibility, but had no real idea about how to go about doing so. I first randomly heard about an organization called CLFA from a friend, so I googled them and sent an email to see if this was a real possibility I could consider. I received an email from one of the Canada Law from Abroad staff, who would also become my advisor later on. I got a lot of information and not too long after, I began the process.

My process took a little longer then expected, and probably a little longer then most. I began the process in preparation for the 2016-2017 academic year. I was ecstatic  when I began receiving the acceptance letters, but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be and I ran into some unexpected complications and had to postpone and defer my plans. I tried again the next year, and once again ran into a different but still unexpected issue which caused me to postpone it for another year. Throughout all this, my Canada Law from Abroad advisor was right there with me guiding and helping me to reach my goals of law school in the UK. Not only did she do that, she also helped me to not feel discouraged and to continue pursuing my goal.

I tried a third time and this time I made sure that everything I could control was done right. As it happens, my perseverance paid off, and the third time was the charm! Thanks for all the help, guidance and support along the way!

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The teaching staff is unparalleled

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I’ve recently graduated from the University of Kent Law School, with a degree classification in the upper second-class honours (2:1). 

When I first attended the Canada Law From Abroad advice session in September 2014, the process of applying, accepting, attending and completing law school was daunting. But with the support and guidance of John and recent graduates, I was able to work through the application process and eventually decide on the University of Kent Law School. At KLS, the teaching staff is unparalleled, arguing cases before the Supreme Court, European Court of Justice and International Court of Justice. Their combined professional and academic experience provided a firm foundation for my learning experience.

Beyond my academic experience, I clerked at the Kent Law Clinic. At KLC, I was tasked with conducting legal research, client intake interviews, facilitating free legal advice sessions and have clerked on multiple legal actions. The exposure and experience I have gained at Kent Law Clinic will undoubtedly aide me in my future as an Ontario lawyer. 

If you are a prospective UK law student, Canada Law From Abroad will guide you in every step of the process, and you will be in no better hands.

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Supportive, informative and helpful

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Reaching out to CLFA was easily one of the best decisions I've ever made.

I've always had an interest in studying law overseas. I was never too sure how to go about finding credible information about the application process and generally what to expect. I reached out to CLFA and I was assigned a recruiter by the name of Vivian. Vivian was a tremendous help during this process. She not only suggested schools based on my interests, she helped break down the application process in a simple manner.

Without her support, it would not have given me the confidence to proceed and complete my application. I’m happy to share that I have received an offer of acceptance from the University of Kent. I’m excited for the future and all of its new possibilities thanks to Vivian and CLFA.

If anyone is interested in applying to law school in the UK, reach out to CLFA. You will not be disappointed.

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Incredible Support

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Canada Law from Abroad provided fantastic step-by-step guidance during my application process and helped me to take advantage of the opportunity to combine my education with international experience.

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Opened Up Great Opportunities

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I'm studying law at University of Kent and I just love it! 

CLFA made applying to schools in the UK much easier and without them the process would have seemed impossible to do on my own. CLFA helped every step of the way and provided extremely helpful information, even after moving to England. 

I would recommend CLFA to anyone thinking of studying in the UK because they really help make it much easier than just doing it on your own and studying in the UK is a great opportunity for anyone who is looking for an exciting opportunity to study law. 

Without CLFA I don't think I would have applied to schools in the UK and I would have missed out on all of the great things here! 

Thank you for all your help throughout everything!

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Great Organization

Street view of Canterbury with cobblestone streets and old buildings

Canada Law from Abroad is a great organization and helped me immensely while applying to law school in the United Kingdom. 

My advisor helped me with all parts of the application process and made sure it was considered promptly by the admissions department. 

CLFA also helped me with getting all parts of my Visa application completed, which can be a daunting process. I recommend anyone who is considering studying law overseas use Canada Law from Abroad.

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