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CLFA Web Meetings

The CLFA team of advisors are eager to meet with our university representatives in an online forum to learn more about what our partner institutions offer students and how to keep our working relationship strong and productive. What are your latest innovations or admissions procedures? Do you have a new course we need to know about? Are you a new partner with CLFA? 

We have reserved space in our calendar for web meetings for these very reasons. We would love to engage with you to learn more about your progress. 

Human Rights Guide

Become a Legal Expert in Human Rights 

Thank you for your interest in our Human Rights guide! To get your guide, please complete the form below. A Canada Law From Abroad advisor will be in touch with you soon to help you apply for programs of interest.

Beyond Graduation

Beyond Graduation



The legal industry is changing and the traditional career as a lawyer with a generic law qualification is disappearing. To have a successful career you need niche knowledge and expertise that is difficult to replicate both academically and practically. This is where the Master of Laws, or “LLM” comes in.


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