My CLFA Experience

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My name is Robin and I am a Law Student (senior status program) in my first year at the University of Essex. I became aware of Canada Law From Abroad through a friend who was already a student and who had used their services. The moment I was introduced to them, they started to treat me like a member of an academic family and took over every concern that I had concerning my admission and post-admisison procedures. They did not only guide me throughout my admission process, they also assisted me with any other steps along the way until I finally arrived at the University of Essex in late September.

CLFA is a resource assistance that is inclusive, dedicated and honest in their service to potential students.

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Make your journey easier with Canada Law from Abroad!

This non-profit organization connected me to an agent/representative which acted as more of a mentor towards my post-graduate studies than an agent. Canada Law from Abroad helped me every step of the way along my journey from graduating by BA degree towards beginning my LLB in the UK.

My mentor met with me face-face, spoke with me on the phone, guiding me with every bit of information I could need and more. I would not know what I would have done without this program, the process would surely have been much more difficult. I highly recommend connecting with a representative to enrich and guide your journey towards studying in the UK.

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Authentic information

I am very grateful of Canada law from abroad by creating a very authentic web office for those who are willing to pursue their dream through using the top advisor's help. 

I want to pay my best regards to ma'am Vivian, who was always ready to put me on the right path. I wish her good health, and prosper year of her life. Thanks!

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This is my dream

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Firstly, I would like to thank my advisor Vivian for her active role in my application process for law school. Vivian's perpetual support is the reason why I am accepted to a law school today. She is very knowledgeable about her work. She's aware of what each school typically requires and she knows how to address situations in the event that you cannot reach a deadline. She was always patient, kind, and supportive throughout the process.

Vivian constantly reminded me and kept me up-to-date with requirements I need to fulfil, and she was always thorough when answering all my questions. Thanks to Vivian, this application process went smoothly. I am grateful for her efforts and how she supports her applicants throughout their application process. I am also thankful to have had the pleasure of having Vivian along side my application process. 

I owe a thank you to both the admissions and faculty of law at University of Essex and Vivian Mak for seeing potential in me. I am truly blessed. This is my dream and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity that I have been given to fulfil it!

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Fulfilled my Dreams to Study Law in the UK

CLFA helped me to fulfill two dreams: that I would study law, and that I would study law in England. CLFA is a fantastic service–an absolute must if one has an interest in pursuing their legal studies in England. 

Their experienced staff and their resources have saved me countless hours of guesswork and frustration. In fact, CLFA has effectively removed all the guess-work a Canadian student would have to do in order to study law in England, allowing the student to focus on the most important, more personal components of the application, which CLFA will also advise upon. 

If studying Law in England is what you want to do then CLFA will help you get there.

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The courses were really interesting

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I found out about the University of Dundee through the University League Tables since they are consistently ranked in the top 10 for law each year. I decided to come here because I liked that the class sizes were a lot smaller than other universities for law which I find is a better learning environment for myself. I also liked the different courses on offer, such as the Telders module which allows you to compete in an international mooting competition.

How would you describe your time studying here?

I really enjoyed it. I met a lot of different people and got to experience the UK way of life which!

What were the best things about your course?

The best things about my course were probably the related extracurriculars such as mooting and the advocacy skills that I learnt. The courses were really interesting as well and I really got to know my professors.

What are the best things about the University of Dundee?

The best thing I would say is the size, its great since you don't feel like a number, which is how some other universities can make you feel if they are quite large.

What are the best things about the city of Dundee?

The city is great! Lots of things to do around the city center, nice restaurants and cocktail bars! It’s big enough that there are things to do but not so big as to provide a constant distraction from your studies.

What is your favourite memory about studying here?

I would probably say some of the mooting competitions with my two mooting partners for ESU and Inner Temple. It was a great way to explore the country while also bonding with my fellow law students!

What did you like the most about the facilities and activities available to you on campus, e.g. the sports facilities, the library, the Student's Association etc.?

I really love how each school has their own lounge. They're great for studying in but also great place to just catch up with people, have lunch etc! They're also good for when the library gets busy at exam time!

What work or further study have you been doing since graduation?

I am currently studying at the University of Law in Leeds and am taking the Barristers Practice Course LLM with the litigation program.

What has your University of Dundee degree given you, and how has studying here prepared you for life after graduation?

It's given me confidence in my advocacy skills which has helped prepare me for a career at the English & Welsh Bar.

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Five Stars to Canada Law from Abroad!

I will be forever grateful for the assistance and support that my advisor, and Canada Law From Abroad, has given me since reaching out to them last year.

They have made this experience of applying to law school overseas so trouble-free that I would undoubtedly recommend their services to anyone considering studying law. My advisor answered all of my questions and set any worries I may have had, to rest. My advisor gave me all of the information I needed to be set up for success! I could not have done it without her! Nine months later since first considering to apply, I write you this, having obtained an unconditional offer from my top choice university, where I will be starting my program in just a few short months.

Thank you Canada Law From Abroad for all your help and support!

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Great Experience with Canada Law From Abroad

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Vivian and the entire team at Canada Law From Abroad have been such a great aid in assisting through all facets of the university application process. Their help has proven invaluable and I am very grateful for the effort that their team has put forth! I would highly recommend Canada Law From Abroad to any of my peers who plan on pursuing law school in the U.K.!

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Best decision you will make!

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I was a bit skeptical when I first started this process. How could applying to Law be this easy and stress free?! Plus - no costs attached for their services (an added bonus).  

I had Vivian as an adviser through Canada Law From Abroad and it has been the best process since the beginning. I was able to get all the information I needed and ask a million questions to ease my mind. Vivian always provided prompt responses to my questions. Canada Law From Abroad helps you with the entire application process, including contacting professors for your reference letters, and making sure you apply to schools that are best suited for your grade levels. They are there to help you all the way through and I'm thrilled to say I will be accepting an offer from City, University of London!  

Don't think twice about having Canada Law From Abroad assist you with your choice to study Law in the UK! I have absolutely no complaints, and I'm sure you will have the same experience that I did.

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Stress free application process

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I would like to thank Canada Law From Abroad, especially Vivian for all the help and guidance this past year. My application process was well guided and stress free. I am moving to London to start law school in ten days and I cannot thank Vivian enough.

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