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I was so lucky to have met Vivian at a Go Global Fair where she enthusiastically answered my exhaustive list of questions about studying in the UK as a Canadian. Prior to the fair I had no idea that services like this existed, and especially free of charge! CLFA matches you with an adviser, sends step by step explanations of different parts of the application process and reminders of upcoming important dates.

After Vivian became my adviser she helped me with choosing a school by explaining the distinctions between the different programs while addressing my specific interests. She even recommended residences based on her personal experience. Vivian provided helpful advice after reading my personal statement and checked over my UCAS application making the whole process as smooth as possible. She went above and beyond my expectations of an adviser by touching base with the schools’ admissions departments when needed, doing a fantastic job at explaining how to obtain documents, and always replying to emails in a timely fashion (sometimes within the hour!). 

When it came time to apply for a Tier 4 Visa Vivian sent relevant and up to date information compiled from official UK websites, making the application a lot easier to understand. The CLFA experience always felt simple and personal. Vivian was friendly and supportive every step of the way. She not only gave me the confidence to pick law schools from across the ocean but also the comfort of talking to someone who has gone through the whole process herself. 

I’m very grateful to the whole CLFA team, especially when I think of how many students they have helped achieve their goals of studying abroad. I now recommend CLFA to absolutely everyone who shows an interest in law school!

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Can't wait to study in England

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My name is Airianna and I’m just writing to express my gratitude for all of your assistance. Between the application and my many questions, you were extremely helpful.

I have decided to take my offer from City University for their Graduate Entry LLB. I’m very excited and cannot wait to be in England studying.

If it was not for CLFA I would not be going to law school this year. I would have waited, possibly working a year or working towards a different unnecessary degree before pursuing law.

Thus, thank you so very much!

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LLM Application Process

Vivian Mak from Canada Law From Abroad was excellent! At first glance, applying as a non-lawyer into a LLM program was very daunting for me. 

Once I conducted research and got into contact with Vivian my experience and efficiency of application was expedited to a service level that I couldn't believe. Her knowledge of the application process and experience was undoubtedly one of the only reasons as a non-lawyer I was able to get accepted. 

I would highly recommend Vivian to anyone and in fact, already have had conversations with colleagues attempting to move forward in their education endeavors.

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Organized, Resourceful and Knowledgeable

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Undertaking the decision to apply to Law School in England through CLFA was the best decision I made. Not only was I provided a personal consultant who helped me step by step, starting with the application process until departure. I had the security that most students do not have, access to insider information and advice from students/ advisors who have completed their LLB’s or LLM’s in England at the finest of Universities. CLFA as an association is organized, resourceful and knowledgeable.

My advisor was able to keep me on track, steer me in the right direction and offer options that were catered to my individual needs. I must express the value CLFA has brought to my experience of applying to Law School. I had the opportunity to attend the Pre-Departure Networking Event that was hosted, I am appreciative for the valuable information I retained and the fellow contacts I was able to meet.

I can proudly say that, this year I will be entering into the graduate entry GE LLB, studying in the heart of London, thanks to CLFA! 

I strongly believe that law is a central facet to the functioning of society and now I can join the legal profession as I embark on this new and challenging enterprise.

As Dr. Samuel Johnson wrote, "If a man is tired of London, he is tired of life"

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My advisor was so amazing

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My advisor was so amazing and accommodating throughout my experience. She helped me to understand the application process, helped me edit my statement, and walked me through everything with so much understanding (I have a very busy schedule, and she was able to work with me around it).

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My advisor was the best

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I really enjoyed this service very much. My advisor was the best advisor I could get. She informed me about everything and anything I had asked about. She had even got out of her way to provide me with further details. This is an amazing way to help students go down a smoother pathway and transition with guidance. I really appreciated this very much. Thank you.

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Thank you Canada Law from Abroad!

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I want to thank Canada Law from Abroad for introducing me to Law Schools in the UK and helping me through the entire process.

In 2016, I contacted Canada Law from Abroad to assist me through the application process. I was shocked and I am still shocked that Canada Law from Abroad is a free service available to students considering Law School in the UK.

My advisor was extremely knowledgeable about UK Law Schools and helped me organize and submit my applications. She also helped me through the entire moving transition, including the visa application process. She even continued to follow up with me once I arrived in the UK.

I do not think I would be where I am today without the help of Canada Law from Abroad. I highly recommend Canada Law from Abroad to anyone considering Law School in the UK and urge people to take advantage of their free services!

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Quality service for any aspiring lawyer

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Canada Law From Abroad is a free service that I feel every aspiring lawyer in Canada should know about coming out of high school. The fact that you can study law in the UK without having to complete a bachelor's is huge, and I wish I knew about this option coming out of high school rather than after I got into University in Canada.

My advisor helped me every step of the way. From creating my application, to checking over my personal statement, she did it all. I was late to apply but my advisor still made sure my application went through in a very timely manner. Furthermore, the help she provided didn't stop at the application process. She then helped me with my visa as well as my accommodation concerns, and continued checking up on me even after I got into law school, consistently going above and beyond.

Canada Law From Abroad is an amazing service, and I recommend anyone who wants to go law school without having to do a 4 years bachelor's degree Canada definitely use it. Thanks to the Canada Law From Abroad team as I'm only a few years shy of becoming a lawyer now.

P.S. The opportunities to travel and explore Europe are both cheap and endless! Definitely a factor in my decision to study in the UK.

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My experience with CLFA was amazing

Vivian really made my experience with CLFA amazing! She was very helpful and always provided prompt and detailed information. I would definitely recommend CLFA to friends and family. I'm looking forward to starting at the University of Birmingham in September 2018!

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Highly recommended

I am more than happy with the experience I had with this organization. Vivian helped me with every aspect of this process and I could not be more thankful. I highly recommend using this program if you are interesting in law school abroad.

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